Is Santa Claus real?

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My 8 year old is getting to the point where he’s suspicious about Santa – Phil nipped those suspicions in the bud. Phil’s great with kids, and the sense of wonder my 6 and 8 year old showed when they met him was absolutely priceless. It’s great for him to be able to take time to talk to the kids, rather than having the kids rushed onto and off of some Mall Santa’s lap, in hopes of getting as many kids through in as short a time as possible.

Phil’s personality matches the persona we’ve all grown to expect from the “jolly old elf”, and I can’t picture a better, more realistic (as odd as that sounds) Santa Claus. I would highly recommend inviting Santa to participate in your special event come Christmas-time, whether it’s a small family setting, or a company party – no one livens up at gathering like Santa, and for me and my family, there’s no Santa like Phil!

The Shores Family

Our Santa experience was absolutely outstanding!!!  All of our friends and neighbors had a wonderful time!  The children were so full of wonderment when Santa and his Elf showed up - they screamed with delight!  What a moment to watch even the children who were a little scared, feel comfortable to visit with Santa!  We will always invite Santa back to our home to help spread Christmas cheer with our friends and family.  Thank you Santa for all of the joy you bring to others!
The Bonick Family - Round Rock, TX

Santa Phil was a big hit at our post annual Christmas celebration.  No one could believe Santa actually came to the party!  Santa was superb in every way.  He handed out gifts for the officers and made them all sit on his lap!!  His elves were a big help with getting things ready and taking pictures.  We recommend Santa Phil for any type of Christmas event.  He is the best Santa anyone had ever seen.  The old soldiers and spouses were all thrilled with Santa Phil who made sure he talked to each and every person present.  Everyone had a smile on their face with Santa present.  We will have him back!

American Legion Post 174
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